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From Michigan to the World

Baskets of vegetables

Why Michigan

Why Select Michigan Products for Export?

Your Top Choice for Safe, High-Quality, and Healthy Food Ingredients

Michigan’s many microclimates, healthy soils, and abundant water resources cultivate high-quality agriculture products.

Our rigorous and consistent state regulatory systems ensure the safest, most wholesome products are safe for consumption and delivered to the global marketplace.

Michigan is the second-most agriculturally diverse state in the United States, and is the national leading producer of tart cherries, pickling cucumbers, Niagara grapes, and more.

Our products are in high demand internationally. More than 60 percent of Michigan’s agricultural exports go directly to Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea.


Michigan generates more than $2 billion in food and agricultural exports.

Top Exported Products

  • Prepared Foods: $477.1 Million
  • Vegetables: $358.7 Million
  • Wheat: $261.5 Million
  • Wood Products: $214.5 Million
  • Soybeans: $180.2 Million
More than 2,000 licensed food processors are located in Michigan, generating $30 billion in annual economic activity.

Economic Value of Production

Michigan’s food and agriculture industry is flourishing with opportunity. Michigan’s dynamic food and agriculture system generates $104.7 billion in economic activity. With strong public and private investment, the nation’s second most diverse commercial crop base, and an extremely diversified portfolio for food processing, the food and agriculture industry will continue to drive Michigan’s economic development.


Total Farms in Michigan: 51,600

Field with rows of crops

More than 10 million acres are under cultivation.

Michigan agriculture accounts for more than 17% employment

Michigan’s food and agriculture system accounts for more than 17% of the state’s employment.

93% of farms are family or individually owned

93% of Michigan farms are family or individually owned.


Michigan produces over 300 commodities on a commercial basis, second only to California in diversity.

$104.7 billion annually contributed to the economy by Michigan agriculture

Michigan’s food and agriculture industry contributes $104.7 billion to the state’s economy annually.

Leading National Agriculture Commodities

We’re in the Top 10!

Michigan leads the nation in the production of 8 commodities. Michigan also ranks in the top 10 for 37 commodities.

  • #1 in the nation in Asparagus, Dry Black Beans, Dry Cranberry Beans, Dry Small Red Beans, Cucumbers, Tart Cherries, Niagara Grapes, Squash
  • #2 in the nation in Dry Beans (all), Dry Navy Beans, Celery
  • #3 in the nation in Apples, Dry Light-Red, Kidney Beans, Blueberries, Snap Beans
  • #4 in the nation in Alfalfa Haylage and Greenchop, Carrots, Sweet Cherries, Grapes, Concord Grapes, Sugarbeets
  • #5 in the nation in Milk, Tomatoes
  • #6 in the nation in All Haylage and Greenchop, Pumpkins
  • #7 in the nation in Bell Peppers, Egg Production, Maple Syrup, Potatoes
  • #8 in the nation in Cabbage, Honey, Peaches
  • #9 in the nation in Corn for Silage, Goats Milk
  • #10 in the nation in Oats, Winter Wheat